Hello Hangzhou!

Have an opportunity to comprehend new experiences would be a good deal in life isn’t? People moving to a new place is one of the steps to start a new journey. I agree with that opinion. In the new area, you would find many things that unexpected, and it could be a good or bad experience. However, both able to make your journal more colorful and … Continue reading Hello Hangzhou!

The Next Destination

Travel around the world is one of the dreams. I wish I can stay in a different place and learn about society. Last time, I spent 4.5 years in Singapore to complete my degree as a young teenager and you can find my blog about living abroad as a student here. Of course, I learn a lot of things bad and good experiences. Both sharpen … Continue reading The Next Destination

Be Strong and Love Yourself

In every life, there is always a moment or a period where a person struggles to make life more meaningful. And thought of struggles sometimes lead you to feel unhappy. Have you ever felling blues? As a human, it is normal when sometimes you feel sad and lonely through a difficult time. Also, mostly you will find the time when you able to bounce back, … Continue reading Be Strong and Love Yourself

My First Travel Blog – 3 Days Travel in Phuket

Traveling is a fun activity that you can do with your family, friends or maybe by yourself. On this trip, I decided to travel with my family to Phuket. It is not a long holiday trip but it was a great experience in Phuket. I’ll share to you where we were going during the trip. So, I can make some recommendations if you are planning to … Continue reading My First Travel Blog – 3 Days Travel in Phuket

The New Chapter

Hi! My name is Vania Devina. I’m 22 years old and I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Psychological Science in Singapore. During my studies, I always wondering what I wanted to be after receiving my Bachelor. Questions such as, should I continue and pursue masters, work. As of now, I got an opportunity to join an internship program in a famous school called Green … Continue reading The New Chapter