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cropped-memememeHi! My name is Vania Devina Dharmadi but you can simply call me Vania. You can check my social media here. Let’s talk about what I will do in my super simple blog.

Graduated in December 2017 has changed my life completely. I’m no longer a kid or a teenager but I’m an adult now. That means more responsibility to handle. I’m no longer thinking about a lifestyle, but it is the time to get my ass out to work. Start thinking about a job, how to make money to survive

IMG_4142Study abroad make me think more about the importance of diversity and how to respect the differences around me. Graduation is the beginning of the journey in my life. There will be more challenging and complicated experience are waiting for me.

Study abroad make me have the opportunity to see another side of the world which force me to be more open to every difference.  Also, make me more independent and able to adapt faster to the society.

Singapore has been a good place for me to have fun and learn tons of experience. I want to start writing to document my experience with people around me, this brings me to name the blog “The Time Capsule”. So, every time I read my blog, I will remember every moment of my life.



About the Blog

I like writing since I was young but I don’t have the courage to share it with people. By the time I learn that without sharing I will not able to tell others what I have in mind,

I like to share my thought with people, share what I feel and give them a story about what fun and interesting in my life.

Untitled design (28)I’m so lucky that have an opportunity to study in Singapore and go straight to Bali to experience internship program in Green School.

Sharing is caring. Since I will experience many unexpected moments and events, I’ll be happy to share everything with you.

Do you know what is Time Capsule?

Time Capsule is a storage that keeps certain objects and memories in present time, buried for discovery in the future. Personally, I hope that in the future when I look into this blog I can smile and remember all good memories that I’ve been through.

Happy reading!


My Blog

Hai! Please write any comment if you have anything in your mind! Will happy to read any comments and correction


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