I’m Vania Devina Dharmadi, but you can just call me Vania. I’m an Indonesian, and I’ve lived abroad during my university life. In December 2017, I managed to graduate and get my Bachelor of Psychological Science from university Singapore.

Study abroad make me finds a lot of experiences that more diverse from what I have in my hometown. And I would love to share it with you! Graduating from university is like shock therapy for me. I will enter a “new life” and face a bigger responsibility. My goal is no longer “how to pass this subject” or “where I can get resources for my study”, but becomes “how I survive with my own”.

Well, study abroad give me the opportunity to see many sides of the world. It makes me more open to perceive the world and make me more independent in society.  Singapore has been the right place for me to have fun and learn tons of experience.

Currently, I live in Indonesia. But, I promise I will not stop learning. Therefore, I want to share my experience to give my reader my POV to see the world around me.